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So, I'm Joe, and this is one of my little pieces of the internet. Hope you enjoy it.

Wed Jan 9

Reblog if you want an extremely sexual message in your ask.



If I burst out laughing you win~

Hahah, omg, yes. Do it.

Just for shits and giggles

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A hell called my life

Hellraiser ♥


A hell called my life

Hellraiser ♥

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To whom it may concern:

You’ll never know the real reason why I left and I think it is better that way. As it is I never gave any notice nor did I care to. You screwed me so I screwed you. You’re delusional if you think you can make something out of the path you’re on.

Sincerely, Joe

Fri Dec 14
Sat Nov 10

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#is this a scarecrow or a scarepeople

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Tue Nov 6
Mon Nov 5

Have a treat…me playing guitar =]. Dirty Work- Halestorm

Sun Oct 28